Forensic Video Analysis Expert, CCTV Video Expert Witness

Video Forensic Expert specializes in Forensic Video Analysis as well as being a CCTV Video Expert Witness. We apply our forensic video analysis expert services for attorneys, law enforcement agencies, government agencies and private individuals throughout the world. As a result, we have worked with hundreds of the best trial lawyers in the world!

Our Recipe

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We are patient in helping our clients understand the role their video recordings in a case using video forensic services. This also includes the relevancy of the video evidence. Our audio forensic experts also provide pre-trial preparation and expert witness testimony. Therefore, this experience has strengthened Primeau Forensics’ expert witness performance in the court room, for the tier of fact.

We have testified in local, state and Federal courts all over the USA as well as internationally as legal video experts. Based on this type of experience, we are experienced in working with a legal team to establish a trial strategy based on video evidence. As a result, our CCTV video expert witnesses have assisted hundreds of litigation with investigation. Click HERE to learn about what some of them have said.

Services We Offer

We examine and analyze many types of video recordings including but not limited to the following:

  • iPhone, Droid and other smart phone video recordings
  • Retail and commercial CCTV Surveillance video recordings
  • Law enforcement dash cameras
  • Law enforcement body cameras
  • Confidential informant recordings
  • Mobile DVRs (digital video recorders), as well as bus mobile DVR systems

Expert Witness Testimony

At Video Forensic Expert we believe that expert witness testimony begins with an in-depth forensic investigation. It is our opinion that every forensic investigation should be processed as if it were going to trial. Our CCTV video expert witness provides testimony when the investigation has a rock-solid scientific foundation. Our experts MUST remain unbiased throughout the investigation, as well as in the courtroom for our testimony to be successful. Learn more…

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