The role of a video expert witness is to help the Trier of Fact better understand scientific observations made during a forensic investigation. Since expert witness testimony and trial strategy go hand in hand, we work closely on both while preparing testimony for our opinions. These observations may not be within the knowledge and experience of average individuals.

We exceed at helping our client attorneys understand difficult forensic testing and results. We believe expert witness testimony, like video forensics in general, is both an art and a science. Our experts have the experience, skills, and training to scientifically answer questions in a straightforward manner.


We are trained on computer software and electronic protocols accepted in the scientific community. Our reports serve as a script to our expert witness testimony and an outline to the work we perform. Regardless of the experts who handle our reports or the tests conducted on them, the results would remain the same.

While some video forensics experts do not testify, Video Forensic Experts have extensive experience testifying in court on their opinions and conclusions following a forensic investigation.

The following are the major components of expert witness testimony in the courtroom:

At Video Forensic Expert we believe that expert opinion and expert testimony begins with a thorough scientific investigation. Every forensic investigation should be processed as if it were going to trial. Scientific observations help the Trier of Fact understand the weight of evidence. These observations guide expert witness testimony and trial strategy.

It is critical for forensic experts to remain unbiased during any investigation, as well as in the courtroom. Forensic experts are third party unbiased scientists who do not have a dog in the race. We have had cases where litigators and opposing lawyers question us about case details while testifying. All of expert opinions are based on sufficient facts.

forensic expert


Integrity speaks volumes about expert witness testimony. We are experienced on the stand and take pride in experience with video expert witness testimony. We are qualified as an expert based on our experience training or education, this is based on Rule 702.

Once the witness is qualified under Federal Rule of Evidence, they give testimony about the forensic investigation. We explain, in easy to understand language, what we did during our forensic investigation as well as our opinions and conclusions.

Video Forensic Experts at Primeau Forensics are investigators, technicians and scientists first, strategists and expert witnesses second. We work with the litigation team to discuss trial strategies for our investigation results and work product. We exceed at explaining the relevance of the forensic analysis to the trier of fact.  Our experts are all properly qualified under Federal Rule 702 for expert witness testimony.


We understand that a deposition is designed to gather information about our opinions and conclusions around an investigation. Opposing attorneys want to know what we will be testifying about at trial. We know how to answer the questions that are asked and not offer additional information by rambling.

Before we begin any deposition, our experts sit down with the client attorney to discuss important facts relevant to our investigation. We also discuss other important facts in the case that we should be aware of (like other expert deposition testimony).

Most importantly, we discuss anticipated direct examination questions by the deposing lawyer. Based on our experience deposition preparation meetings are crucial and last anywhere from two to six hours.


When it comes to testifying, the forensic expert and client attorney spend as much time as necessary to prepare. We review our investigation results and work product before leaving our offices. When we prepare to testify, we draft a list of questions for the attorney to ask us on direct.

This saves time and helps the client attorney better understand how to establish a record of our forensic investigation. Most importantly we anticipate cross and determine, together, how to answer possible questions. Anticipating cross is one of the most important activities when preparing for trial.


When under oath, as expert witnesses, we speak accurately and truthfully. Much like a deposition, courtroom testimony can be an intense experience for an expert. At Video Forensic Expert, we understand the purpose of direct and cross examination.

We understand that an attorney will never ask a question that they don’t know the answer to. Testimony is based on educating the Tier of Fact of our investigation conclusions in easy to understand language. Our lead expert, Edward Primeau, has over 35 years of experience working with some of the greatest trial lawyers in the world. This experience has strengthened Primeau Forensics’ expert witness performance in court.

We have testified in local, state and federal courts all over the United States and worked with lawyers around the world. We know how to help a legal team develop a solid trial strategy.

One great trial lawyer had this to say about our lead expert witness, Ed Primeau:

“Ed Primeau is the best at what he does! As a trial attorney, I depend on experts to educate me in the relevant field for which they are hired. My focus has always been on finding an expert who simplifies the subject area. I recently had a case in which I needed an audio and video forensic expert. I found Ed. Ed is a genius and was absolutely amazing in front of the jury.”

– Attorney Nenye Uche