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Some of the time, CCTV surveillance systems record content that is not a part of a litigation. In those situations, CCTV video recordings need to be released to a litigator and Trier of Fact in order to experience an incident or crime as it originally occurred. Video redaction is the process of applying acceptable filtering in order to protect the privacy of individuals that have their identity recorded along with incident or crime. They have a right to privacy and according to the courts order, must be redacted from the CCTV video recording.

What is Video Redaction?

Video redaction is the process of removing the identify of people, objects or their identity from CCTV video recordings and public record. Identity can include their personal appearance, name, address, phone number and other personal information from. Video redaction is the solution to a persons right to privacy in a world filled with CCTV video recordings that often end up on record in a crime or court of law. Some CCTV systems record audio as well as video. In this case, video redaction may also include dialogue and voices.


Types of Video Redaction:

Primeau Forensics likes to read the judges order for video redaction services so we can provide advise to you about redaction options. For example, full blur puts the entire video recording out of focus. This form of redaction puts the video out of focus and in most cases disguises all persons identity. Facial blur which is more labor intensive is more effective since it is not as transparent as full blurs. The type of video redaction we apply depends on the video recording itself and judges court order.


Our Right to Privacy

Because there are so many police officers wearing body cameras and CCTV systems recording surveillance footage that may include crime, video redaction is necessary to maintain the privacy of innocent people as well as undercover police officers. These are just two of the reasons why video redaction services are important.


How much does Video Redaction cost?

Cost can become a factor in video redaction. In some civil cases, the court orders the requesting party to pay for the redaction services. This is why Primeau Forensics will help you guide the video redaction process using the most cost effective protocol. When several persons are present in a video, video redaction services can take a lot of time and costs can easily escalate. We know how to ask the right questions that can save time and money on video redaction services. For example, if the video recording to be redacted is proprietary, is there an .AVI version instead? This will save screen capture time during the redaction process.


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