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We apply our Detroit Video Expert services for attorneys, law enforcement agencies, government agencies and private individuals in the Metro Detroit Area, United States and many countries around the world. As a result, we have worked with hundreds of the best trial lawyers in the world!

A Video Forensic Expert applies a scientific approach to recovering, evaluating, enhancing, clarifying, or authenticating video recordings to be used in court and other legal matters. With the rapid proliferation of surveillance cameras in public and private places, law enforcement agencies and litigators are increasingly making use of these recordings as evidence. Often times, video recordings in criminal and civil litigation that are presented by police or opposing attorneys may be miss interpreted, which is why expert analysis is so important.

We are patient and help our clients understand the role their video recordings as well as the relevance of the video evidence. Our audio forensic experts also provide pre-trial preparation and expert witness testimony. Therefore, this experience has strengthened Primeau Forensics’ expert witness performance in the court room, for the tier of fact.

We have testified in local, state and Federal courts all over the USA as well as internationally as legal video experts. With leadership and expertise on this level, we know how to work with a legal team to establish a trial strategy based on video. As a result, our video experts have assisted hundreds of litigation with investigation. Click HERE to learn about what some of them have said.


We examine and analyze many types of video recordings including but not limited to the following:

  • iPhone, Droid and other smart phone video recordings
  • Retail and commercial CCTV Surveillance video recordings
  • Law enforcement dash cameras
  • Law enforcement body cameras
  • Confidential informant recordings
  • Mobile DVRs (digital video recorders), as well as bus mobile DVR systems

Forensic Video Enhancement

Forensic video enhancement or surveillance video enhancement is the process of clarifying the events, using non-destructive techniques in order to preserve the video evidence integrity and pixel quality. Clarifying or enhancing the events as they occurred assists the trier of fact to make determinations about the events.  Surveillance video recordings used as evidence can be enhanced regardless if they were recorded during the day or at night. The success of the forensic video enhancement or surveillance video enhancement is directly proportionate to the enhancement techniques, resolution and frame rate of the video evidence. Learn More…

Forensic Video Authentication & Analysis

In order to authenticate video evidence accurately, a trained video forensic expert must perform the testing to ensure the authentication process is done accurately. The expert performs a series of tests on the meta data as well as visual characteristics of the entire video. Does the video have a definitive beginning and end? Are there jumps in the video that are observed during playback? Does the meta data match the file format and other playback characteristics like frame rate and sample rate? Learn more…

Video Evidence Recovery

Forensic video data recovery is the process of recovering a video recording that may have been deleted, extracted incorrectly, or falsely represented. Courts rely on video recordings that were properly recovered by a video forensic expert using data recovery tools. Learn more…

Video Redaction

Some of the time, CCTV surveillance systems record content that is not a part of a litigation. In those situations, CCTV video recordings need to be released to a litigator and Trier of Fact in order to experience an incident or crime as it originally occurred. Video redaction is the process of applying acceptable filtering in order to protect the privacy of individuals that have their identity recorded along with incident or crime. They have a right to privacy and according to the courts order, must be redacted from the CCTV video recording. Learn more…

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