Our VHS Restoration Services

VHS tape restoration, or analog tape restoration, is both an art and a science. The Video Forensic Expert team has performed thousands of analog tape restoration assignments, utilizing a multi-step restoration and recovery process is based on four decades of experience. We have the knowledge and skill to restore your VHS and other analog video recordings as much as scientifically possible.

vhs cassette tape restoration


Analog and other VHS recordings may deteriorate when improperly stored. Additionally, they may be exposed to excessive wear from years of playback. For a nominal fee, we will examine your VHS tape in our professional lab to determine recovery and restoration potential.

VHS cassette tapes may encounter excessive heat or moisture when improperly stored, which negatively affects the tape and its playback. Our analog VHS tape restoration services are used to preserve cherished memories recorded in analog formats, such as VHS tape. 

Professional Restoration

When stored safely and properly, the expected shelf life of analog videotape is approximately 25 years. Many, if not all, of the damage can be fixed and content can be restored to its original quality.

Incorrectly stored VHS tapes may not track correctly on the average consumer’s VHS player. Our professional-grade VHS playback equipment has the capability to adjust tracking so the surface of the tape accurately aligns with the tape heads. This improves the playback of the tape and often allows us to recover video content that was once lost.

In extreme cases, we may need to repair the physical condition of the tape. The VHS reels may not turn smoothly, reducing playback accuracy when transferring.

The image to the right shows a VHS tape that has been severely damaged due to improper storage. And as a result, it has lost its oxidized protective coating.

Video Forensic Expert's Restoration Process

We frequently perform a preliminary analysis of the VHS tape(s) to ensure we can meet our client’s expectations. This step also ensures we provide an accurate cost estimate for VHS restoration to DVD and recovery services. 

Forensic video enhancement is the process of clarifying events using non-destructive techniques in order to preserve video evidence integrity and pixel quality. Clarifying or enhancing the events as they occurred assists the Trier or Fact to make determinations about the events.

We use tools and training from four decades of experience to forensically restore analog tape. This forensic process preserves the integrity of the video conversion in order to successfully restore your recordings. 



We offer mastering to the following formats:

VHS Video Restoration Samples

We have successfully restored the following formats:


Often, tracking is the issue here. When you understand that the audio track and video playback area of a ½” VHS tape are on the same surface if one plays the other should too. To solve this problem, we have several VHS and other analogue playback equipment we use to determine the best playback for recovery and restoration. These decks have various tracking adjustments, sharpening features and gen lock features that solve this problem. Many other VHS transfer services do not know how VHS tape operates. After 37 years, we know what it takes to recover your VHS recordings. 

We often clean and recover tapes that have been improperly stored for many years. We do our best and accept tapes with mold for recovery and restoration. We clean and analyze your VHS tape first before beginning any transfer and restoration services. 

A tape has to play back with the tape completely flat against the tape head. If the tape is curved or warped, it must be fixed in order to properly playback across the tape heads. For example, if you placed a piece of paper on a copy machine and made a copy, it would look good because its flat (assuming the copy machine is working properly). If you lit part of the paper original slightly, that portion of the original would copy blurry or out of focus. The same is true when playing back VHS and other analogue tape. It must properly track against the playback heads to be properly restored. 

It is a huge asset if you have the equipment that made the recording. We welcome you to send that along with the tape and we will do everything possible to recover your video recordings. 

Yes, we can recover any format of analogue tape including Betamax and Beta SPYes, we provide multi tape discounts. Ask us about when filling out our contact form. 

Yes, if you can provide as much detail about the recording like wedding ceremony is first, party is second, then we can look for the part you want and ignore the remainder of the tape. 

We apologize but we can not recover or restore any copywritten materials in which you do not have proof of ownership of the recordings