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forensic Video enhancementHow can forensic video enhancement help investigators? In this blog post, we’ll explore its benefits and why there is a growing need for it in today’s court system. Forensic video enhancement is the scientific approach to clarifying a video recording in order to better see the events as they occurred. It can help litigators understand events that are difficult to see because of excess movement, distance, or the video is too dark. For example, CCTV cameras outside retail stores helped the FBI capture the terrorists who were responsible for the Boston bombings. Videos often need forensic enhancement because cameras are not properly maintained. This is a huge problem that goes unnoticed until after the crime has been committed. Or, worse yet, the cameras are not installed or positioned properly. Read on for a few facts on forensic video enhancement.

Original Video

Always begin with the original video recording. Maintain a chain of custody for your video recording. If you have to export an AVI file to provide to police, keep a backup on thumb drive for insurance. If you have is a copy on DVD and not the original, then load the DVD copy of the video directly into your computer for forensic video enhancement.

Computer Software

Use professional forensic software program to enhance like Adobe Premiere Pro and Clear ID. Primeau Forensics uses these, as well as Adobe Photo Shop, to enhance images exported from the video for forensic video enhancement. Remember, you can also export frames as still images to identify activity and other video components.

Color Correction

Perform a color correction process first before performing any other forensic enhancement process. This is especially important if your video recording is dark. Be careful not to add too much brightness.


If you need to enlarge a portion of the recorded video viewing area, apply after you review the footage on a large video monitor. At Primeau Forensics, we use minimum 27 professional video monitors. Remember, the larger the playback monitor, the better you can see events in the video and the less you need to enlarge your video as an enhancement step. This is even more important in the courtroom.


It is good to know the type of equipment that made the video you are enhancing. Often times, a poor CCTV video export may be to blame for the poor video quality. If the recording is stored on the system, we can make sure we have the best export to work with for forensic video enhancement. Forensic video enhancement is an art as well as a science. Please understand that you should use different filtering to get different results. Always begin with the largest file size and structure as close to original digital video recording as possible. Have further questions on how can forensic video enhancement help investigators? Call us for a consultation on your video that needs forensic enhancement 800.647.4281

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