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video enhancementThe following tips will help you to have successful video enhancement and clarification.

? Always begin with the original video recording. If all you have is a copy on DVD, then load the DVD directly into your forensic software by Direct Capture. Then change the VOB extension to your decided video format like AVI.

? Color correct your footage before performing any other clarification filtering. This is especially important if your footage is dark and was recorded at night.

? If you need to enlarge a portion of the video viewing area, do so after you review the footage on a large video monitor. Remember, the larger the playback monitor, the better you can see events in the video and the less you need to enlarge your video.

? Learn the type of equipment that created the video you are enhancing. Often times a poor export may be to blame for the poor video quality.

? Document every step of the clarification process to validate your videos in court.

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