Five Tips on Video Enhancement and Clarification

video enhancementThe following tips will help you to have successful video enhancement and clarification.

Always begin with the original video recording. If all you have is a copy on DVD, then load the DVD directly into your forensic software by Direct Capture. Then change the VOB extension to your decided video format like AVI.

Color correct your footage before performing any other clarification filtering. This is especially important if your footage is dark and was recorded at night.

If you need to enlarge a portion of the video viewing area, do so after you review the footage on a large video monitor. Remember, the larger the playback monitor, the better you can see events in the video, and the less you need to enlarge your video.

Learn the type of equipment that created the video you are enhancing. Often times a poor export may be to blame for the poor video quality.

Document every step of the clarification process to validate your videos in court.

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