VHS to DVD Transfer and Restoration

Why should you preserve your VHS tapes?


Your memories are PRICELESS

The VHS to DVD transfer & restoration process will restore your video recordings that may have been damaged, stored improperly, worn due to excessive playback  or deteriorated.  VHS cassette tapes when stored in a basement or garage will absorb moisture, which damages the tape. Analog tape restoration services are crucial to preserve cherished memories recorded on analogue format (like VHS tape). Some VHS cassette tapes were recorded over 30 years ago. Combined with improper storage, these memories could likely become unrecoverable one day. We enjoy restoring these experiences that were once forgotten and may become lost to our clients. The return on our clients investment is never regretted because they understand the importance of priceless memories.

The joy that our clients receive from preservation of these memories is truly priceless. Restoration of your families memories is truly priceless.  Restoration of your family memories is done in our lab and begins with the VHS to DVD restoration process. This is when the analogue VHS tape is transferred or digitized into our computer. Once digitized, we can apply enhancement tools to restore the audio and visual quality through VHS restoration services. One of our more accomplished jobs was the restoration of 16MM film for the Napoleon Hill Foundation. We also restore and digitize analog tapes used as evidence in court proceedings.

The memories will FADE

The expected shelf life of analog video tape, when stored properly and safety is approximately 25 years. Many if not all of the issues we experience can be fixed and audio or video content can be restored. Some VHS video tapes that were not stored properly will not seat correctly on an average consumer based deck. Our professional grade VHS decks have capabilities to track the surface of the tape with accuracy. This improves the playback of the tape and often times allows us to recover video content that was once lost.  In some extreme cases we need to repair the physical condition of the tape. The VHS reels may not turn smoothly which reduces the accuracy of playback when transferring. In the images below is a sample VHS tape that has severe damage due to improper storage and in turn lost its oxidized protective coating.

DSC05634-300x169 VHS to DVD Transfer and RestorationDSC05635-300x169 VHS to DVD Transfer and Restoration DSC05637-300x169 VHS to DVD Transfer and Restoration










Restoration Process

Often times we will perform a preliminary analysis to ensure we  are confident in meeting our client’s expectations. The preliminary analysis requires an initial review of the VHS cassette tape. This is done to ensure that we provide an accurate estimate to perform the restoration and transfer, free of charge. Once we are confident we can assist, we then require a deposit to digitize and restore the VHS cassette tape. Some cassette tapes are very fragile and may become permanently damaged if not handled correctly. We often times handle tapes that may only have 1 accurate play left in their shelf life. We retain a backup of your project as well as the final mastered product on our servers for life.

The Forensic Approach

Forensic video enhancement is the process of clarifying the events, using non destructive techniques in order to preserve the video evidence integrity and pixel quality. Clarifying or enhancing the events as they occurred assists the trier of fact to make determinations about the events. Video Forensic Expert uses tools and training from years of experience to forensically restore your magnetic tape. This forensic process preserves the integrity of the video conversion in order to successfully restore your recordings.

VHS Restoration Methods

  • Tape realignment and tracking optimization
  • Reel to Reel re-packing
  • Tape Grain/Noise Visual Reduction
  • Shadow & Highlight Adjustments
  • Color Correction
  • Grading/Looks
  • Scaling & Position Adjustment
  • Restoration using Independent scene adjustments
  • Audio Restoration (Noise Reduction, Equalization, Compression/Limiting

Output Format & Mastering

We offer mastering to the following formats:

  • Tape to DVD
  • Tape to BLU RAY
  • Tape to Standard-Definition Digital File ( SD: 720×480)
  • Tape to High-Definition Digital File (HD: 1920×1080)
  • Tape to 4k Digital File (3840×2160)


VHS Video Restoration Samples:

BEFORE-300x200 VHS to DVD Transfer and Restoration

Before VHS Restoration

AFTER-300x200 VHS to DVD Transfer and Restoration

After VHS Restoration

URBAN_RELICS_EXAMPLE_01_BEFORE-300x169 VHS to DVD Transfer and Restoration

Before 16mm Tape Restoration

URBAN_RELICS_EXAMPLE_01_AFTER-300x169 VHS to DVD Transfer and Restoration

After 16mm Tape Restoration

 We have successfully restored formats that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Beta or Betacam SP
  • Mini-DV
  • HI-8
  • Film (8mm & 16mm)
  • Digital 8




Video Forensic Expert Edward J Primeau Curriculum Vitae


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