Forensic Expert Certifications and Training

Ed Primeau, CCI, CFC

Audio Forensic Expert Ed Primeau JFK











Ed Primeau is a Registered Investigator and Certified Forensic Consultant with the American College Forensic Examiners Institute and the a member of the International Association For Identification and Audio Engineering Society. Ed is also a member of the American Board of Recorded Evidence.

Certified Forensic Consultant-ACFEI

Certified Forensic Consultant-ACFEI

Certified Criminal Investigator-ACFEI

Certified Criminal Investigator-ACFEI


Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Examiners-ACFEI

Digital Video Processing Techniques Ed Primeau

Digital Video Processing Techniques

Pelco Digital Sentry Configuration Ed Primeau

Digital Sentry Configuration











Mike Primeau

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Forensic Image Authentication Mike Primeau

Forensic Image Authentication

LEVA Forensic Video Analysis & the Law LEVEL 1 Mike Primeau

Forensic Video Analysis & the Law

Forensic Video Comparison

Forensic Video Comparison